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Our mission at Browserbite was to help our client DevGold to digitalize the line-feeding process of an automotive supplier by replacing an excel-sheet-driven process with a mobile app.

The end client faced multiple challenges:

  • First, since the data was only available in an Excel sheet the line feeder was not always aware of a container for a product getting empty, which might lead to stopping the whole production process until that type of product got refilled.
  • Second, the order of each product is very important so that the correct car is produced. Sometimes the wrong container of the right product was delivered to the conveyor belt which again led to costly production stops.
  • The line feeders have weekly alternating shifts between an early shift and a late shift and all times needed to be transferred to the next shift correctly, which made it more challenging to have accurate time estimations.


The mobile app helped the line feeder in two ways:

First, the app shows which products have to be delivered precisely at what time, which gives the line feeder more flexibility to plan their route. By connecting the app to the warehouse management system and scanning its delivery numbers we increased the quality of deliveries to the conveyor belt since the app now enforces to always pick the right container.


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We built an admin panel that allowed the shift supervisor to enter precisely what kind of schedule was used for all types of shifts also considering holidays. Additionally, we build a mobile web app that allows the line feeders to get an easy overview of their next products to pick and where to deliver them.


Our contribution

UX/UI Design, Web development, API Development, Project management, Mobile Web App

Tools & technologies

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