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Client Background

In a market where speed is key, and the first impression can be the difference between securing a property or missing out, Browserbite developed a cutting-edge software solution that scraped major German real estate websites, notifying users of fresh listings as soon as they went live.


The main goal was to give users a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive German real estate market. Especially for those with specific needs, like pet owners, who often find it challenging to locate accommodating properties.



1. Technology Stack

  • Frontend: Next.js
  • Backend API: Nest.js
  • Scraping-Infrastructure: Hosted on AWS. We used the playwright library to scrape the platforms.

2. Key Features

  • Extensive Data Aggregation: The software efficiently scraped all major German real estate websites.
  • Real-time Notification System: Upon identifying a new listing, the software instantly sent a notification to users via email.
  • Human-like Browsing Simulation: To bypass potential website blockages and maintain a high uptime, a headful scraper was employed. This scraper mimicked human browsing patterns, making it less likely to be flagged or blocked by website security protocols.
  • Customizable User Preferences: Users could set up custom search criteria based on their unique needs.


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We built an admin panel that allowed the shift supervisor to enter precisely what kind of schedule was used for all types of shifts also considering holidays. Additionally, we build a mobile web app that allows the line feeders to get an easy overview of their next products to pick and where to deliver them.


Our contribution

UX/UI Design, Web development, API Development, Project management, Mobile Web App

Tools & technologies

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